8 Days tour from Osh to Dushanbe through Wakhan Corridor

Itinerary from Osh to Dushanbe

  • Day 1 — Meet at airport (transfer to hotel) or hotel. Start trip from Osh to Tulpar Kul lake overnight at Yurt stay, hiking to Lenin Peak and around Tulpar Kul lake
  • Day 2 — Tulpar Kul lake to Murgab, this days you will cross the border Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Stop at Kara-Kul lake have Lunch and drive to Murgab overnight at Guest House Erali per person $15 including dinner and breakfast.
  • Day 3 — Murgab to Langar Wakhan Corridor, via Bulun Kul lake overnight at home stay Misha
  • Day 4 — Langar to Ishkashim via Vrang, Yamg, Yamchun Fortress, Bibifatima hot springs overnight at guest house
  • Day 5 — Ishkahsim to Khorog via Garm Chashma hot springs. Overnight at guest house.
  • Day 6 — Trekking day. start early from Khorog to the bridge of Jisev Valley. Hike 3 hours up, 2.5 hours down Jisev Valley. Drive to Rushan or stay at Bartang valley. Overnight at home stay.
  • Day 7 — Rushan to Kalaikumb along the Pianj River. Overnight at home stay
  • Day 8 — Kalaikumb to Dushanbe via Nurek Reservoir, Hulbuk Fortress and lunch in Kulob city. Drive to Dushanbe. Overnight at home stay. End of the trip.

Prices for this trip for whole car including driver’s accommodations and meals from Osh to Dushanbe through Wakhan Corridor:

1 person $1400
2 person$ 700
3 person$ 467
4 person$ 350

You will pay for your accommodations and meals. 

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